Revealed! Food that Virat Kohli enjoys the most

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The cricket player Virat Kohli from Delhi, who was born and raised in a Punjabi family, is unable to resist the allure of delicious Indian cuisine. It is also not unexpected that rajma chawal and chole bhature are some of his favorite delicacies. His mother’s homemade mutton biryani is one of his favorites.s

Rajma Chawal

When he went home, he would, however, frequently choose vegetarian meals. He began eating more vegetarian food gradually, and he hasn’t turned back since. In an interview with CurlyTales, the Indian cricketer admitted that he could eat two plates of rajma chawal at once. It’s his “comfort meal,” in his opinion. He cannot visit the nation’s capital without indulging in chole bhature since he is a Delhiite.

A glass of rich, creamy lassi would be consumed after that. According to a Republicworld story, he was also thinking about paneer khurchan, dal makhani, and garlic naan throughout his cheating days. Surprisingly, Virat enjoys eating a lot of desi, and home-cooked food because it makes him feel at ease and at home during periods of craving. He does, however, enjoy Japanese food from time to time. He would gorge himself on sushi and dim sum, respectively. In the end, the athlete learns how to manage his appetite and a nutritious diet to keep in shape and perform well on the field.

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Butter Chicken

The cricketer is a healthy athlete who consumes a gluten-free, low-carb, high-protein diet but occasionally indulges in Delhi Butter Chicken, the city’s most famous dish.

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Mushroom Googly Dumpling

In the Aerocity neighborhood of New Delhi, Virat Kohli launched a restaurant with the name One8Commune. On the menu, he has put some of his favorite dishes. The mushroom loopy dumplings are one among them.

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Chole Bhature

You’ll be relieved to learn that cheat lunches aren’t only for us; Virat Kohli too likes to splurge on Delhi-style Chhole Bhaturas when he decides to stray from his healthy eating routine!

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