Helal Jr is a boxing sensation

Helal Jr.: The boxing champion the world must know more about

The professional mixed martial artist is a gem in the world of boxers & an entrepreneur who made his sportswear business grow exponentially in a short time.

The world may know the best of fighters who fight in the ring putting in all their efforts, but how many of them they know of people whose life journey was no less than a ring match where every punch that life gave them, it necessitated them to hit back harder at it. A few people are born to do this & they present other people with an example that life would always be filled with its ups & downs, what’s important is to always fight back. This is the mantra of one of the top MMA champions Helal Jr. who never stopped at anything in life, not even when he lost one of his loved ones; he kept going forward & became the champion of champions in the ring & life.

Helal Jr. hails from Cairo & was born on 19 December 1995 to father Adham Helal & mother Rania Helal. He completed his college from Lycee Farancais Du Caire College & in 2015 even went to study product design engineering from the University of West of England. Later for completing his further studies, he attended Asia Pacific University & graduated last year in 2019.

The young lad started his boxing career quite early in life when he was all of 12 years of age with kickboxing in 2007 & after doing it consistently for three years; he got attracted to the world of mixed martial arts as soon as Egypt introduced it in 2010. The person who introduced Helal Jr. in the mixed martial world was an MMA fighter himself & his cousin, Ali Younis. Both of them started participating in underground fights in Cairo & gradually changed the landscape of the boxing world when Egypt brought the Egyptian Fighting Championship (EFC) which made the brothers take it up professionally & also take the game to higher levels. It was Helal Jr’s cousin’s influence all his life that made the fighter appreciate the beauty of boxing & know the value of it. As he made his name more prominent in the boxing world, Helal Jr. started to promote physical training & its educational aspect all over Asia.

While he studied in Bristol, the UK at the University of West of England, he even joined Impact Gym, Bristol for strengthening his mixed martial arts skills. But, unfortunately, his mentor & cousin Ali Younis faced a sudden death caused by a motorcycle accident & this had a massive impact on Helal Jr’s life as well. However, Helal Jr. decided to transform his life for the better by taking inspiration from his beloved brother & considering him as his motivation for all the accomplishments he achieved in life.

As soon as Helal Jr. recovered from the loss of his loved one, he changed the base to Malaysia for completing his studies & began participating in Asian fighting championship games for representing his home country Egypt. Till now, this boxing legend has to his credit many coveted titles in boxing. He has been the former EFC Muay Thai Champion in 2011. He even won the titles of MMA Bantamweight Champion in 2012, EMA Featherweight champion title in 2014 & TRFC Light Welterweight Champion title in 2018.

In 2019, Helal Jr. turned into an entrepreneur when he decided to launch his brand of sportswear called BXGLAB (https://www.bxglab.com/). This decision was taken after Helal Jr. suffered an ankle injury during training for which he had to stay at home. This is when he came up with the idea to open his boxing equipment manufacturing company which could offer the best sports equipment/apparel in the sports industry & make a name not only in Malaysia but also across Asia.

Helal Jr. can even speak three different languages – English, French & Arabic. Not just this, he also loves to hike, sketch, listen to music & has an affinity towards car racing. This champion is also knowledgeable in cooking, video editing & product designing. His Instagram handle (https://www.instagram.com/helal.jr/?hl=en) is proof enough to show the world the kind of respect & love his followers give him. He already has achieved a follower base of 21.5k which keeps on growing every day. His increasing fan following is a testimony to his hard work, consistent efforts & determination in life.

We need to learn more from people like Helal Jr. on how to overcome the challenges of life & give a punch back to the life struggles for becoming a champion in the actual sense.

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