The Greatest Manchester United Goal Makers, From Wayne Rooney To Denis Law

Manchester United Goal Machines Of All Time, From Wayne Rooney To Denis Law

It is a matter of football tradition to score a goal for Manchester United. Being the Red Devils’ all-time leading scorer guarantees you a place in Mancunian paradise.

The game has awarded the guys who have done it with all the accolades they deserve. For those who have yet to do so, there are plenty of instances of previous (and present) Devils who have sacrificed their lives to bring glory to one of the world’s most prominent football teams, Manchester United.

Let’s take a look at the situation now. Manchester United’s top five goal scorers

1. George Best

George Best was one of the best Manchester United players of all time, and maybe one of the greatest players in football history. George Best, a member of the famed United Trinity, is a United hero who went on to win titles that are crucial to Manchester United’s history. George Best is one of the club’s most prolific goal scorers, having scored 179 goals in 470 appearances during his tenure there.

2. Jack Rowley

Manchester United great Jack Rowley spent 17 years at the club, which will undoubtedly go down in history as one of their most successful times. With an incredible 211 goals for Manchester United, Jack Rowley is ranked #4 on the list of the best goal scorers in club history.

3. Denis Law

The central figure of Manchester United’s Holy Trinity. Denis Law CBE was one of the best Manchester United footballers of all time. He stayed at Old Trafford for 11 years, each one greater than the last. He made a substantial contribution to the club and is currently ranked third on the list of Manchester United’s all-time top scorers.

4. Sir Bobby Charlton

Sir Robert Charlton CBE is widely regarded as England’s finest player. He is also a survivor of one of English football’s biggest catastrophes, the catastrophic Munich plane accident involving Manchester United.

What has marked his prime years in the game is his ability to overcome sorrow and embrace immense achievement. With an incredible 249 goals, he was the greatest scorer for both the Three Lions and Manchester United.

5. Wayne Rooney

In the view of the Mancunian Reds, he is perhaps the only Scouser who is adored and cherished. Wayne Rooney has 253 goals in 559 appearances for Manchester United, making him the most prolific goal scorer in the club’s history.

Source: sportskeeda