Check out the most number of sixes in Test matches scored by English player Ben Stokes!!!

Player To Hit Most Sixes In A Test Among Active Cricketers – Ben Stokes

While the greater part of the Test batsmen likes to be more patient and play with a ton of persistence, there are a couple of other people who like to play assaulting cricket even in the longest configuration of the game and don’t stop for a second in playing the elevated shots if the ball is in their bend.

Ben Stokes is one of the best batsmen from England, he has been the best all-rounder of all time. Ben Stokes is somebody who has a strong batting procedure and he can bat for an extensive period too, however in any event, when he bats long, he plays with a great deal of aim and plays shots at whatever point the ball is there to be hit.

Furthermore, Stokes doesn’t need to trudge to hit sixes, he can hit sixes with a straight bat too and that is the thing that makes him an extraordinary player.

Stokes has hit the ball over the fence multiple times in his 65 Test coordinates up until this point.