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When India’s 'OG Dangal Girl' Babita Phogat Became A Sabyasachi Bride

Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s ‘Band Baajaa Bride with Sabyasachi Mukherjee’ series offers authentic stories about real ladies every year. This season’s first ‘Band Baajaa Bride’ is from a little town with a big story to tell. Babita Phogat, the girl immortalized in Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal,’ is the living personification of a woman in a man’s world, effortlessly defeating them at their own sport.

Babita Phogat’s name will be indelibly etched in history as the country’s fourth female wrestler to qualify for the Olympics. Geeta, Babita Kumari, Priyanka, Vinesh, and Sangita Phogat have represented India in major tournaments such as the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, World Championships, and Asian Championships, frequently finishing first.

In a ring, the female who plays the ‘bad guy’ has a gentle heart. Her ambition extends beyond wrestling gold since she shares a connection with Priyanka Chopra. Remember the actor’s sindoori crimson Sabyasachi lehenga, which she had custom-made for her wedding? “Meri ichcha thi ki main woh wala lehenga pehnu,” Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s rootedness in his native state’s culture is what draws every Indian bride to him.

As we watch Indian wrestling champion Babita Phogat becoming a Sabyasachi bride, the rawness of a sports star combines with the grace of a bride. While Chopra finished her wedding appearance with a multi-layered necklace adorned with a liberal pouring of diamonds, Babita Phogat chose a guluband necklace that is an offshoot of the gulband neckpiece.

This Balali child, now the pride of our nation, transformed into the most exquisite and beautiful bride, fully embracing her femininity as she married. Band Baajaa Bride Season 9 with Sabyasachi is happy to offer many such stories of bravery and tenacity from genuine Indian brides.

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