Check out which one between FIFA World Cup and ICC Cricket World Cup is more famous!

FIFA World Cup VS ICC Cricket World Cup: Which Competition Is More Famous?

Both sports – football, and cricket have become the top two popular sports in the entire world. They have also got an international governing body as well, which is responsible for organizing the World Cup every four years. When football has got FIFA, cricket has also got ICC as well. Both have held World Cups after every interval of four years. The fans of the respective sports have always been excited about World Cups and have got a huge response. Both of the world cups – FIFA World Cup and ICC Cricket World Cup have become popular and competitive with a great set of players and teams. But which one is the more competitive one?

FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) World Cup has been holding World Cups since 1930 and has held a total of 25 World Cups till date. The FIFA World has 32 teams in the tournament phase. It has got a huge amount of viewership every season. There are many strong national football teams in FIFA and have given a tough competition to everyone.

On the other hand, the ICC (International Cricket Council) has held 13 World Cups till date since 1975. Although it started after 45 years after FIFA started organizing World Cups, it rapidly gained the attention of the viewers and the fans. It has got a total of 20 national teams worldwide who have competed against each other brilliantly.

Which is more famous? FIFA World Cup or ICC Cricket World Cup? Comment down your views.

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