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What’s not to love about football. Indian Cricket Team is no different...

Indian Cricket Team And Their Love For Football

If there is one sport other than cricket that Indian cricketers love to play is the world’s most popular game, football. One may have seen several times how cricketers play football during their warm-up sessions. The fast-paced sport is not only good as a warm-up before a match but is also a good way to increase the agility and flexibility of a player. Playing football before a match also helps in team bonding, as all the players will be playing at the same time. It also improves basic instinct and game presence of a player.

Virat Kohli told The Times of India, “Whenever the team is feeling down or we’ve had a hectic travel day and don’t have the energy to do a normal warm-up, football gives the extra motivation to run after a ball and show our skills. Basically, it gets the competitive nature out in a big way. Whenever we feel like we have to bond as a team and get our energy going, we have a quick game of football and we are ready to go.” Our team India has many players who are great football players and some of them follow football as a sport religiously. Hairdos of new players like Shreyas Iyer, KL Rahul, Hardik Pandya are quite inspired by footballers. In an interview with Rohit Sharma after he was named the first Indian as a brand ambassador of La Liga, he revealed that the former captain, MS Dhoni is the best football player in the Indian team. Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni own teams in the Indian Super League (ISL).

No wonder we see our cricketers playing football on the cricket ground several times.

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