Check out these funny memes made from the hilarious post-match interview moments in international cricket!

LOL: Funniest Memes on Post Match Interviews

No doubt, many of us love watching sports and love supporting teams. We have always cheered our favorite teams up during the matches from home, or maybe from the galleries. Many of us have even witnessed some nerve-wracking situations and many saw some hilarious moments on the field. All kinds of sports have got good response and are played internationally. But, when talking about cricket, it has got a really huge fan base.

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Many of us have got some of the other favorite moments from international cricket history. The history of cricket has witnessed some serious moments. Similarly, it also has some hilarious moments during the matches. Those moments will always be remembered in the hearts of the fans. But, one thing that people forget or just ignore is the post-match moments. The post-match interviews have had really funny moments.

And those funny moments have been used to make lots of hilarious memes. Many of them have even got viral. After all, memes are always funny and are enjoyed by the people on social media. Most of the time the Pakistani team has been targeted to memes, and some other teams too. Even the funny comments by the fans are subjected to memes.

Here we have gathered some funny memes for you that can make you LOL. These memes are made from funny post-match interviews. Have a look at them, laugh, and enjoy!

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