Let’s take you back and make you recall the most awkward moments caught on the cricket field in history!

Revisiting The Most Awkward Moments On Cricket Field

Cricket has always been an enthralling and entertaining sport. Seeing the players on the field and trying their best to make their team win has been so exciting. From a nail-biting situation to a funny one – cricket fans have witnessed all. But there have been some awkward moments too on the field. Some have made us laugh and some were really tongue-tying.

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‘Cricket is a gentleman’s game’ – this old proverb is known by many. But the scenario is not the same in front of the fans’ eyes. It was always about winning, and still it. But now, revenge and jealousy have also been added to the list. Sledding and fight are seen quite often on the field between the players and oppositions. The Jamaican player, Chris Gayle got himself and an interviewer stuck in an awkward situation once. During a post-match in one of the Big Bash League (BBL) matches, Chris asked McLaughlin, an interviewer if she would like to get a drink. Then he said ‘don’t blush baby’ when she became a bit uncomfortable. Later, this rose to a big controversy and Chris Gayle had to pay the forfeits.

There are many more such awkward moments in cricket history. One of them being the clash between Gautam Gambhir and Andre Nel in 2011. Then there is the argument between the Bollywood star and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) owner, Shah Rukh Khan, and a guard in 2012, at Wankhede Stadium after the Indian Premier League (IPL) match against Mumbai Indians (MI).

Have a look at these series of most awkward moments on the cricket field from history!

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