Find the key differences between Ice Hockey and Field Hockey, read for details

What Are The Distinctions Between Ice Hockey And Hockey? Find Out Now

The first thing to keep in mind is that the two varieties of hockey are played on distinct sorts of terrain. Ice hockey is practiced on an ice rink, while field hockey is practiced on a water-based artificial turf field. Because of the huge variance in topography, the participants must meet varied physical demands. While both games are fast-paced, field hockey has a considerably broader playing area, requiring players to have tremendous stamina to traverse long distances, whereas ice hockey demands excellent balance to retain composure and pace while skating. While field hockey, like most sports throughout the world, has been postponed until social distance laws have been relaxed, many players have found a means to play on a smaller scale.

Both types of hockey require similar-shaped sticks to play with, albeit the type of puck that the player hits differs. Ice hockey employs vulcanized rubber pucks, while field hockey utilizes a small plastic ball with a cork core for weight. Another significant difference in terms of equipment is the clothing worn by the players. Field hockey players wore team-colored shirts, shorts, and skirts, as well as regulation trainers. Ice hockey players, on the other side, wear a helmet, shoulder pads, chest guard, elbow pads, mouth guard, protective gloves, padded shorts, shin pads, and neck guard – not to forget a ‘jock’ guard.

The requirement for protective gear arises from the fact that ice hockey is a physically demanding sport in which body checks and blocks are acceptable forms of tackling. This can result in a lot of bodily clashes and encounters among ice hockey players, but they are closely regulated and would always finish with a handshake.

The goal of both sports is to outscore the opposing team by hitting the ball and shooting into the goal. The speed and placement of players are critical to success in field hockey, and it possibly requires more skill, whereas ice hockey requires equal amounts of pure force.