Vivo has created a name for itself in the Indian smartphone industry across all price points. Whether it is a high-end gadget such as the Premium X Series, a mid-range V Series, or a low-cost Y Series. In India, the V-Series smartphones have been the most popular among Vivo’s whole lineup. When the Vivo V23 and V25 Series arrived in India, they were a huge success. Vivo has now upgraded the V-Series portfolio with the Vivo V Series, which includes the Vivo V27 Pro smartphone, in 2023. The phone is powered by a Dimension 8200 processor, which was last seen in the iQOO Neo 7. Apart from the chipset, Vivo has introduced a fresh design and additional features.

At first appearance, the Vivo V27 Pro appears to be a stylish gadget. Vivo has attempted to improve on its predecessor’s design, which is fairly obvious. While it boasts a triple-lens configuration on the back, its camera module is massive, making the smartphone even more appealing. The camera module also contains a fourth ring, an LED flash, which Vivo refers to as Aura Light. The flash is in the form of a ring, so don’t mistake it for a fourth camera lens. The photographs below will give you a better understanding of the design.

The color-changing back panel is the major draw of the Vivo V27 Pro’s design. A similar issue was discovered in the Vivo V25 Pro, however, it has been greatly rectified this time. Watch how the device’s light sky blue color turns to a dark blue tint as it comes into touch with UV radiation in the sunshine. We covered a portion of the gadget when it was exposed to sunlight, so some of it stayed light blue. The photos below depict our hands-on experience.

The rear panel has three camera lenses, each of which is surrounded by a steel ring. The camera has a little bump, however, the gadget comes with a protective cover that fixes this. The camera module has Vivo branding, while the overall design is elegant and curved from the edges. As you hold the gadget in your hand, it will feel as if it would slide out, thus a protective cover is required. Don’t worry, even with the protective cover on, the smartphone feels excellent in your hand and can now be used with one hand effortlessly. Please share your thoughts, and stay tuned to for additional information.

Source: Smartprix