Losing phones has become a common thing in today's time. And so to help the people, the government has launched a portal that will help to find the phone and block it

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Losing a phone is one of the most common things that happens with the general people. Sometimes it gets stolen, while at times, one forgets at places. In any case, the phone is not with you anymore. But the phone has everything related to you. This could create a problem, and so to deal with it, here is what you should do if you lose your phone by chance in any way.

The Indian government has launched a portal to cope with the increasing cases of phones getting stolen or lost. And to deal with the problems if you lose your phone, the government has launched the portal Central Equipment Identity Register to help people. It will help the user to retrieve the much-loved devices.

How To Block Phone

To block the phone, one has to provide the following information.

Firstly the phone number

Secondly, about the device, like the brand name, device name, model International Mobile Equipment Identity number.

Later you will have to file a complaint at the nearest police station and have a hard copy of the complaint.

And then attach the soft copy to the portal.

Take a duplicate sim for the same number.

For more details, visit the official website.

This new launch of portal will help the people to cater to their problems of data transfer and secure your personal and confidential information.

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