“Friends” is a well-known television show that has produced numerous unforgettable outfits. Although Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green is frequently mentioned as the most fashionable character on “Friends,” each character has a distinct outfit tailored to his or her personality. Courteney Cox’s character Monica Geller is no exception.

Monica had to follow a rigorous dress code at work as a professional chef, but once the apron was removed, she wore a sleek yet practical wardrobe that can still be appreciated today. Here are some of Monica Geller’s most iconic and unforgettable ensembles from “Friends.” In this attire, she was mistaken for Ross’ mother, although she did manage to charm Chandler, who would later fall in love with her.

Monica’s sparkling attire turned heads despite the fact that Phoebe was the star of her winter wedding. Perhaps it was her stern leadership style that garnered notice, but she did manage to pull off a parka and a formal gown combo. Her classic sweater-and-jeans outfit is still in style today. Monica sported a little red and limited her accessories to a bare minimum once again.

Monica looked effortlessly great in loose denim overalls, a form-fitting red T-shirt (a color we see her wear a lot), and bright white sneakers while hanging out with her brother and pals at the coffee shop. Monica kept her appearance simple once again, opting for a black-and-white patterned dress with minimal accessories.