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The amount of mental investment gone in to playing Arjun has been huge: Tarun Mahilani

Tarun Mahilani who is in his very first show as lead in &TV’s show, Half Marriage (Kavita Barjatya Productions) has a very bright future indeed!!

The nuances that the young lad has shown as an actor with the complexities in his character have been outstanding…

Presently juggling between two characters Arjun and Raj, Tarun has kept viewers hooked to the storyline.

Talking about his journey with the show, Tarun states to IndianWikiMedia.com, “The last six months with the show Half Marriage has been amazing. This is my first lead role in a daily soap. However, I have always been in the acting limits, and have desired to associate myself with projects where there is huge scope as a performer. I have tried my best to do good work, and have utilized every scope that I got to explore the character I am playing in Half Marriage. I have been very happy playing the role of Arjun Sharma. And now, as Raj, the role has gotten very critical and crucial, of course layered. The journey has been overwhelming and exhausting too. Having said this, I have been enjoying the way in which writers are shaping up my character.”

Ask him about the expectations he has had with this character, and he is quick to say, “I don’t want to sound boring. But as an actor, my focus has been to work to the fullest of my capabilities. In the capacity of the lead actor, it is my responsibility to perform and behave well. I am happy with the way in which people perceive my character and appreciate it. Having said this, I have had no big expectations. I want to give my cent percent, and am glad that the channel and production house have been so very supportive in this journey of mine. The team only pushes actors to perform better.”

Tarun has had an amazing journey as Arjun, with the guy going through a lot in life. “Arjun is a very complex character. The character had many trying situations, wherein he had to deal with so many tough equations, managing his mother as well as his wife.”

Ask him about the toughest phase in the character and he states, “This is a very interesting question. I still remember a scene wherein for the first time, Arjun realized his love for Chandni, but unfortunately, his family did not accept it. He is so very torn between his wife and mother, a situation which usually arises in Indian society. Arjun had to take a stand for his wife, even when he was staying connected with his mother that too without being diplomatic, at the same time not going against the family. To portray all the emotions involved in this scene was the toughest one for me.”

So is Arjun closer to your heart or do you love enacting Raj? “I will surely pick Arjun as the character is so very connected to me. The amount of mental investment gone into Arjun has been huge. In any case, Raj is Arjun… So all is the same eventually,” avers the handsome young lad.

The leap in Half Marriage has only taken the story to a new high, with viewers getting to witness edge-of-the-seat drama. “Yes, from the moment we actors got to know of a leap happening in the story line, there has been renewed energy level on the sets. All of us have been eager and excited to take the drama ahead. The story has been gripping, and the point at which we took the leap was indeed pacey, well-scripted and executed. I received huge response on my instagram and twitter accounts when we took the leap. Viewers were left with lot many questions and the intrigue was high.”

Tarun will credit the channel for experimenting with the new track and story. “Amazing, the way the channel has stood by the story and helped its growth. Also, the promos that were shot before the leap were of high quality. I have never seen a channel taking such a big step for promotion; I have never seen promos of this high quality being shot for Indian TV. &TV has redefined promo making with the classy promos shot. This only shows the trust and belief they have in the show.”

Tarun has played the carefree young boy, a lover, a guy torn between two ideologies, an angry young man etc very effortlessly. However, the scenes where he has excelled as actor are the emotional ones. “As an actor, I always work on my craft. I don’t know what my forte as an actor is. But many people who have watched me have told me that I look at ease in an emotional scene. Yes, you can call it as my forte perhaps!! However, if you ask me, I will say that it is a combination of all. I am usually a well-prepared actor, and come to the set knowing very well what is expected of me.”

Giving full credit to his co-actor Priyanka Purohit, Tarun quips, “The scenes just before the leap were very challenging for me and Priyanka. We had to cry for many days, keep ourselves in the sorrowful mood and also speak really emotional dialogues. Priyanka helped me a lot and we together pulled it off. She has been a very supportive and giving co-actor.”

Tarun, we wish you luck for your endeavours!!

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