Ankit Arora talks about his character Shivdutt in Chandrakanta

It is always fun to play a character with dark shades: Ankit Arora ????????????????????????????????????

The versatile actor Ankit Arora, who has acted in shows like Ramayan, Jyoti, Raziya Sultan and Ashoka among others, is seen in a new and exciting avatar in Nikhil Sinha’s show Prem Ya Paheli – Chandrakanta.

His fans are excited to know that the handsome actor is playing a negative role in the show. He reveals, “I am playing a negative character called Shivdutt. It is always fun to play a character with dark shades, and this one is particularly interesting because he can go to any extent to achieve what he wants. This makes my character all the more interesting and I love playing such roles.”

Chatting with us, Ankit shares more about his character. He says, “I have worked a lot in making Shivdutt completely different from my previous screen characters, especially Sushim. It is somewhere similar to Sushim but still, I’m finding ways to make it look completely different. I have grown my hair long to give it a natural look. Even the beard is original, because I feel that if we apply fake stuff, it is somewhere visible.”

Ankit takes 30 minutes to get into the look of Shivdutt, which he says is quite unique. He says, “I take around 30 minutes to get ready. Also, I feel the whole look put all together is very unique. The hair style and the beard look quite nice, and I personally like it a lot. Also, I have gained a little weight for this character as it was required to match Shivdutt’s personality.”

The talented artiste has done extensive work in mythological shows and he says he enjoys doing them, My first show was the mythological Ramayan and I learnt a lot from that show. And I enjoy doing such shows. For example, playing Laxman was the toughest role I have essayed in my life. Before getting the role of Laxman I had to face quite a lot of struggle which was the most challenging phase for me. But now I feel that it was all worth the effort.”

He also says that he is lucky to be working with producer Nikhil Sinha whom he terms as one of his favourite producers in the industry. He says, “Nikhil Sinha  ji is one of my favourite producers till now.  I have learned a lot from him. He is a very down to earth person and gives actors space to work their way. He makes us feel very comfortable.”

And what about his co- actors Kritika Kamra and Gaurav Khanna? “Gaurav and Kritika are wonderful people. It is amazing to have co-actors with whom you get along properly as it affects our acting also.”

As a parting word for his fans, Ankit lists two great reasons to watch the show Prem Ya Paheli – Chandrakanta. He says, “We had seen Chandrakanta a long time back. Even I was a kid then. But I think this time it is going to be even more grand in terms of costume, sets, concept. So it’s a must watch!”

Sure thing, Ankit! We wish you make a great impact with your perform ace this time too!

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