Ruhi Chaturvedi who is in Kundali Bhagya has resorted to Mandala colouring to calm her mind, body and soul.

The art therapy of Mandala gives my mind all the calmness: Ruhi Chaturvedi of Kundali Bhagya

Ruhi Chaturvedi, who is popularly known as Sherlyn of Kundali Bhagya the numero-uno show is usually a hyper-active person who cannot sit at one place for a long time.

In normal life, Ruhi is up to something or the other and will never keep herself idle.

However, now with all in the country being forced to stay indoors owing to the Coronavirus outbreak, Ruhi Chaturvedi has determined herself to test her patience level by bringing in a lot of calmness in her.

Yes, and the result is that Ruhi has been bitten by the Mandala magic, which her husband Shivendraa Om Saainyol usually gets into.

Mandala, to explain in basic words, is a geometric configuration of symbols with a very different application.

It is a proposed art therapy to attain calmness and relax your mind, body and soul.

Says Ruhi, “Shivendraa has been doing Mandala for a long time. He was the one who suggested me to get into it. Every design in it has to be given different colours and I love to colour them. It needs immense concentration in order to shade and merge colours in the right way. Mandala gives me a lot of calmness.”

“In a time when I have to keep myself at home, I guess this will help my hyper side to be more relaxed,” adds Ruhi.

Ruhi further states, “I have just started to put my mind into Mandala colouring. I am confident of gaining more of the confidence and calmness in me because of this art therapy on the mind.”


Best of luck, Ruhi!!


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