One of the youngest celebrity to test positive for coronavirus…

#BattleCovid: 21 Year Old Actress Olivia Nikkanen Tests Positive For COVID-19

Oliva Nikkanen is best known for her work in the shows “Supergirl” and “The Society”. She has tested positive for the novel coronavirus and is one of the youngest celebrity to get infected by the virus. The actress shared the news by appearing on Instagram live on Tuesday. She said she is feeling better but has some chest tightness. The 21-year-old actress said that she has been self-isolating for over two weeks along with her mom.

The actress shared exact details of what she felt on each day beginning from March 13 from fever to body aches and also loss of smell and taste senses. She added that she has been resting a lot and taking in a lot of fluids along with her medicines. Olivia sais she feels lucky to be home and recovering and added that its a privilege although it should be a right. One of the best things the actress said on an Instagram post was that if she can flatten the curve and protect those at risk, she would do so gladly.

We wish the actress a speedy recovery and for more such updates stay tuned to this space.

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