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Actor Anuj Sharma talks about his journey and challenges

I became a warrior while overcoming all the challenges with a smile: Anuj Sharma

Actor Anuj Sharma who hails from Sonipat, Haryana came down to Mumbai, to pursue his dreams. He had always been attracted to acting. He worked in shows like Suryaputra Karn and Saavdhan India and series Special OPS. The actor was also a part of the movie Padmavat and Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi.

In conversation with IWMBuzz.com, Anuj spoke about his journey and challenges… Excerpts

How has your journey been so far in the industry?

I think being an artist is really a blessing, to be more precise the biggest blessing ever because the way you see life, the way you understand life and the depth of it take you into a different world. My journey so far has been really amazing. I have worked with so many great directors and actors and producers and I have played so many different characters and doing so I have grown as a human being and I really thank god that he helped me achieve my dreams.

What was the most challenging phase in your career?

Life is full of challenges when you dream to grow in the industry where you don’t have any godfather. When I left my hometown the only thing I had was my passion for art and I still have it till date. I have become a warrior who is fighting all the challenges with a smile and support of everyone.

What is your dream role?

Everything which is happening at this very moment was a dream sometime back. I strongly believe that life is all about dreaming but dreaming with eyes open. Every character that I play, I just play as it is my dream come true moment.

I became a warrior while overcoming all the challenges with a smile: Anuj Sharma 1

Who has been your biggest support?

Family is the biggest support and no matter your ups and down they are right there standing firm to motivate you to go ahead in life. I am very lucky that I have such an amazing family. My father is from the air force background, so I think it is in my blood to dream high to fly across the sky.

What are you doing during the lockdown period?

The world is going through a sad phase and we all really wish that this sadness ends soon such that the world can smile again. We all are doing our bit to spend time creatively to keep our spirits happy and high. I got an amazing opportunity. I am working on an international series Karantino, which is directed by an amazing famous Russian filmmaker Lika Krylaeva. This series has brilliant actors from across the globe. I am playing an Indian mafia member in the series. We are shooting in our respective homes. You learn a lot when you work with such an amazing bunch of actors from different cultures, languages and mind-set. I am honored to be a part of this series.

Any message for fans?

The only message I really want to give fans and all the readers of IWMBuzz is that the world is going through a tough phase. We just have to focus to follow all the safety measures such that we can exist and also we can help others to exist. Do good, be good and just help all the needy ones in all possible ways you can. Stay safe.

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