Amrita Prakash gets talking about his stint in Colors’ Shakti.

The best part is that I am on one of the nicest channels and in one of the nice shows – Amrita Prakash

Talented actor Amrita Prakash who has recently entered Colors’ popular show Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (Rashmi Sharma Productions) is happy and glad that she is playing a very positive character.

Amrita is all the more excited as she is now part of a show which is very progressive in thought process. “The best part for me is that I am on one of the nicest channels (Colors) and in one of the very nice shows. When I had first heard of this concept two years back, I felt that this was a progressive show. Nobody else would have dared to touch and work on such a concept.”

The actress considers this as a nice opportunity to to get involved with the show that she has liked. “It is a nice character, and is a guest appearance role. Everything fell in place quickly and I started shoot. Jasleen is very unlike me. She’s extremely talkative, hyper, energetic while I am mostly calm and quiet in real life. To play such a character is refreshing. I am already feeling like Jasleen and not like Amrita.”

“Jasleen is very vocal about what she feels. She’s fair and practical in her thoughts. She has come in to try and resolve differences for her friend Harman with his wife. Earlier, she was standing up for the girl. But now that she is aware of her being a kinnar, she has an unbiased stand. She somewhere feels that her friend has been emotionally cheated,” adds the actress.

On the very different bond that Harman and Jasleen share, Amrita states, “Jasleen and Harman deeply adore each other. More than being romantic, the love they share is unconditional.”

Amrita is having a whale of a time on the sets, especially with Vivian and Rubina Dilaik. “We have incredible fun on set. When Vivian and Rubina are together, the ambience gets so very light. It is always hard for a new actor to get into a show, when chemistry and equations are preset. It is tough to break the ice in such an ambience, and this is the most challenging part for an actor entering midway. However, all the people here have been so welcoming. It is hard to find people so warm.”

Amrita who was recently seen in a cameo role in Colors’ Mahakali – Anth Hi Aarambh Hai does not wish to devote full time towards a daily soap on TV at the moment. “I have other commitments and I will not be game to a long-running role on TV. Maybe sometime later!! That’s why this role was so very perfect in terms of its duration.”

Continue your good work, Amrita!!

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