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Callousness will cost lives: Aditi Gupta on Coronavirus lockdown

Reputed TV actor Aditi Gupta has become a total housewife, courtesy Coronavirus outbreak.

“While others are sketching and trying out varied hobbies, I have my hands full of household stuff. In the absence of house help, my mother in law, and I have to do everything by ourselves. Morning cooking and cleaning chores tire me out, so I take an afternoon siesta. Then get up and enter the kitchen. I have never done anything like this in my entire life.” says Aditi who has joint Star Plus now delayed Plus show Anupamaa.

“I am also valuing my house help for it is enormous ask to keep planning what to cook for the next day? Whenever the poor guy would ask us what to make, we would say anything and then crib, it is not good enough. Making the same foodstuff over and over is a real tedious. So I try to bring freshness in the menu by trying out new online recipes. A lot of friends are posting pictures of exquisite dishes which whets my appetites and interest.”

Aditi is very upset at some people who are dragging religion into a public health issue. “Recently, I saw a lady on the street screaming nothing will happen to me as God will take care. My blood pressure boils seeing some “COVIDIOTS”, going triple seat on a bike, what is the hurry and agenda in breaking the law (2 people on the bike) in times of social distancing. Particular activists are talking trash and pouring cold water on PM Modi’s best efforts to fight this menace. Crowds have attacked medical teams carrying out quarantine and disinfectant work. No wonder we see a huge spike of cases. I don’t think the current lockdown will go anytime soon. This callousness will cost lives. I don’t step out or meet my parents, for I am scared as to what will happen if accidentally infect someone else, and he or she dies. That guilt will alone kill me.”

When we ask about the effect of lockdown on the entertainment sector, Aditi shares, “There will be a lot of fear once we can go to shoot, so yes, the shooting process will be affected. But right now, we have bigger things to worry about than telecast schedules and ratings.”

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