Sidharth Shukla’s advice to his fans and his next career move...

I hope the doors will open now after Bigg Boss: Sidharth Shukla on future projects

“Stay indoors, drink a lot of water because this virus goes to the lungs and follows the instructions given by the medical experts. There isn’t much else one can do,” says Sidharth Sukla who in any case is not much of a social animal.

“I guess it’s tougher on other people in the entertainment fraternity who are out socializing a lot. But I was a home person even before I was confined in Bigg Boss for so many weeks. When I’m not working I am at home. So this period of enforced confinement is not hard on me,” says Sidharth.

His new music video Bhula Dunga which released on May 24, has Sidharth enormously excited. “It is the song that appealed to me. I loved the lyrics of the tune by Darshan Raval. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of such a beautiful song?”

Sidharth says he enjoyed shooting the video with Shehnaaz Gill who was a contestant with him in Bigg Boss. “I liked doing the music video. It requires an actor to say so much in limited airplay time.”

Does he see the Bhula Dunga video as a stepping stone to bigger opportunities? “I have done serials and also films where I was noticed. As far as bigger opportunities are concerned, I hope the doors will open now after Bigg Boss because I am not the kind who solicits work.”

Sidharth was a part of Karan Johar’s production Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya with Alia Bhatt. But nothing happened to Sidharth’s career thereafter.

“I guess it’s all about luck and destiny. What has to happen will only happen when the time is right,” says Sidharth

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