Pearl V Puri is definitely a good-looking and talented actors but it is his amazing fitness routine that has us drooling over him all the time.

The secret behind Pearl V Puri’s ripped body

Naagin 3 star Mahir aka Pearl V Puri is an absolute tinsel town favourite and rules the hearts of millions of soap opera lovers, and not just for his good looks and great acting skills but also for his physique and that amazingly ripped body he’s got going!

If you want to start your health regime and are looking for some kickass gym routines then Pearl V Puri’s Instagram profile is definitely where you want to be. He is known for his good looks, chiselled body and for being an utmost fitness junkie who always motivates his fans to also take charge of their health and fitness routines.
The secret behind Pearl V Puri's ripped bod
Here are a few of his keep-fit secrets that have resulted in his ripped and chiselled body!

1. Pearl often likes to pick various weight lifting exercises to keep increasing his strength and also keep that anxiety at bay!

2. This Naagin 3 star also extensively continues his push-up routines, which help him in developing a strong upper and lower body, and are great for one’s full-body workout.

3. One unique thing you can learn from this star is the new trend of rope workouts. It has become a popular fitness tool nowadays and one can work on their grip, shoulders, core strength, hips, and much more, at the same time.

4. Like any good fitness freak, Pearl V Puri also believes that fitness needs no vacation and he is consistent with his gym routines!

If you are inspired enough with this young actor’s fit and happening regime then it’s time you hit that good-old gym and start working on your health as well. Pearl V Puri has managed to inspire fans all over the country, to think and act healthier and get into a good fitness routine!

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