Shalmali Kholgade is a well known name in the Bollywood industry today. But her journey has been full of ups and downs, and yet Shalmali has pushed her way through it all. Known for her breath-taking singing and soulful voice, Shalmali has won accolades and fans as she climbed her way to success in the music industry. Her journey to stardom is definitely an inspiring one and we can’t help but love the singer for her candour and melodious singing.

“I didn’t realise singing for Yash Raj would be so big. I vividly remember going home, leaning against the kitchen platform and telling my mom about the deal. And simply asking her in Marathi: Aayi, yeh Yash Raj Kai aahe? (Mom, it’s a Yash Raj film, is it a big deal?). I was pretty clueless in that sense,” Shalmali acclaims, and that is quite candid now, isn’t it?

Shalmali Kholgade's musical journey to stardom

Becoming a known playback singer hasn’t stopped Shalmali from singing at bars or doing her own shows. In fact, she was spotted at The Blue Frog at Lower Parel recently, where she has done a tribute show for Amy Winehouse and won every one over.

“My brother’s friends from college would walk into his room with guitars. So he would allow me to sit in the room as long as I didn’t disturb them. And that’s when I got a hang of old rock music,” says Shalmali.

Shalmali Kholgade has become famous but she doesn’t let her fame get in the way of what she loves to do most! Her humble and down-to-earth nature coupled with her soulful singing has won over our hearts in no time. We are always eager to know what songs this beautiful singer will lend her voice to next, and take our breath away!