TV actress Shilpa Shinde and her roller coaster life journey, which started from small roles in serial who then went on to win Bigg Boss trophy, has nowentered the political scene.

Shilpa Shinde’s Journey from Angoori bhabhi to Bigg Boss and then to Politics

From doing small roles in serials to then being a famous household name and now becominga political figure, Shilpa Shinde careeris worth mentioning! Famous TV actress, Angoori Bhaabhi aka Shilpa Shinde, has come a long way before aspiring to build her political career.

Shilpa ShindeAngoori bhabhi, as she is fondly recalled as, isn’t a new face to the silver screen. Shilpa Shinde TV career started 2 decades ago,when she debuted in Kabhi Aaye Na Judaai. Later, she also began enjoying a niche fan following for working in serials like Amrapali, Meher and Devon Ke Dev Mahadeva, to name a few.

Turning point of the Shilpa Shinde career train however was herraunchy and yet very diligent portrayal of Angoori bhabhi from Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain fame. This was her most entertaining role, which made her so popular that a small confectionary company started selling chips on her serial’s name- Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain.

One of the biggest controversies of the silver screen, which is still doing the rounds, was when she left this serial abruptly. Shilpa Shinde Bigg Boss career was one of her strongest portrayals on TV and her decision paid off when she won the coveted trophy, defeating audience’s favoured Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta.

Shilpa Shinde, actress and Bigg Boss winner has recently announced her political ambition and thus began the Shilpa Shinde political career train. In an interview she said, “Yeah. Right now, I am joining the party. Later, I will get a clear picture from where I am going to fight.” She currently plans to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from somewhere in Mumbai.

She left twitter recently, stating that her fans are interfering but continues to maintain a verified Facebook and Instagram account.

One of the most appreciated and bold actors of today, Shilpa Shinde political career is what we are all waiting to see her break new grounds in! Her fans, after all, are waiting eagerly to see if there is a ‘Shilpa Shinde Bollywood’ stop in her train anytime soon!


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