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Zaan Khan the lead of Zee TV’s Hamari Bahu Silk gets into a conversation with

The all-important Naksh Pakhi romance is on the anvil in Hamari Bahu Silk: Zaan Khan

Good looking actor Zaan Khan is not very perturbed about the low numbers of his new Zee TV show, Hamari Bahu Silk. “So far so good. Our numbers, unlike most properties across channels, have not dipped but have remained constant. This means we have a loyal base. We just need to build on it.”

“Also, finally the makers (Global Productions) have started to work on the all-important love angle between Pakhi (female lead Chahat Pandey) and my character, Nakhi, which the channel hopes will change the TRP game. Ideally it should have come earlier, for that is main stay of the show, as the above title itself suggests, i.e. Pakhi becoming a bahu.”

“Our fans were long demanding the same on social media. Having said that, these calls are above my pay grade, but I am glad that the time has finally come.”

“We recently shot for a night rainy romantic scene, which required us to be in water for over eight hours. It has come out very well.”

“It was not easy to remain wet for so long, but then we actors always have to make sacrifices, come rain, come shine. Even right now I am a bit under the weather, yet I have to report to work, as we actors never get breaks.”

Zaan is enjoying working with Chahat. “We are very comfortable with each other on and off screen, we chill and have lots of fun. It is very important to be friendly with your co-star, as that makes your job easier.”

In closing, Zaan, who has come to TV from films, says, “Working on the small screen is the toughest. I would often hear about it, but now I am personally experiencing the grind. I shoot for 27/28 days a month with hardly any zzz time.”

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