Sofia Maria Hayat gets to reason out and comment on being trolled for social media comments on nudity.

There’s no problem with nudity as long as it’s portrayed with love: Sofia Maria Hayat

Actress turned nun, Sofia Maria Hayat, who has been viciously trolled for her recent social media comments on nudity has given a stinging riposte.

Since IWM always believes in going beyond, we decided to get in touch with our above friend in London for some quick WhatsApp chit-chat.

This is what she had to say on the entire nudity debate. “There’s no problem with nudity as long as it’s portrayed with love. The danger is when sex is portrayed as lust with no love, or as dirty…that’s dangerous because it is affecting and twisting young minds into warped perceptions of lovemaking and nudity; strange huh, when we are born naked and out of the v***** of a naked woman.”

“As it is, Indian web series and media have a very warped approach to sex/nudity. They are f****n* with the minds of the youth. Just see how they covered my holy shoot, complete with crass references to Sofia’s milky thighs and juicy b**b*. They are again creating a twisted idea about my body and sexuality. Why can’t they be happy celebrating a woman’s beauty? Just like a spring tree is not hesitant in showing off its flowers, we can touch them and smell them; no one calls them juicy, you know what I mean?,” she adds.

“Having said that, not all Indian media outlets sensationalize. There are a few reputed ones who have got the gist of what I wanted to say, especially in connection with the current melee,” exclaims she.

“It is high time Indian media got out of this derogatory mind-set. They could have easily written how beautiful and curvy Sofia’s body is, rather than talking bullsh**.”

She continues, “Most Bollywood websites write such headlines only to titillate an already wrongly influenced audience. And it is really sad that nudity is such a taboo in a country where most ancient temples have statues of naked gods and goddesses”

“What went wrong? I think and know that dark forces have tried to occupy all countries, making you think the opposite of what you should. It is also about degrading the sacred feminine energy,” she ends.

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