Sabyasachi Satpathy admires Vikas Gupta’s manipulative skills in Bigg Boss

Vikas Gupta is bossy by nature: Sabyasachi Satpathy

Effervescent and efficacious Sabyasachi Satpathy is out of Bigg Boss 11.

The ever smiling easy on the moves Sabyasachi wished all well while exiting the house of controversies.

“It was a brilliant journey. There were a lot of ups and downs. I believe that as I did not yell or shout, I am out. I will miss Bigg Boss’ voice and the song in the morning. I feel everything was unique and wonderful. Bigg Boss is always a dream come true but a dream I could have lived longer,” said he to IndianWikiMedia.

So what could be his reason of exit? Why did he not connect with the viewers? “We were given the responsibility of being padosis but we took it lightly and we came in the house to bajao barah of other contestants. However, as a human being my core did not allow me to talk to someone in a bad manner. Then we also failed in tasks that were given to us.

Talking about other contestants, he said: “Vikas Gupta is a mastermind, in a good way. In a negative way it is Hina Khan. Vikas is manipulative but he does it in a right manner. He makes people believe in himself. Generally, by nature he is bossy.”

Sabyasachi, have a great life ahead. .

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