Bollywood movie promotions on TV shows have become mundane and needs a strategic rejig

Banal Bollywood Promotions on TV Shows

It’s difficult to distinguish. The colors of reflection are all the same, emitting from the same prism of prosaic promotional ploy.

Well, we are referring to unimaginative Bollywood movie promotions in myriad TV shows across channels, which at times is more painful than a root canal.

Television, from being tagged as the step sister of movies, has today emerged as the mighty platform to give a definite fillip to films, reaching out to millions of consumers across the country and beyond.

The perceptional/notional judgmental line of comparison has smudged, with the two mediums joining energies, maximizing influence for common benefit.

It’s been a couple of years since the bigger daddy fathomed the importance and impact of TV and thus, 70mm celebs flocked to small screen to blow the trumpet.

Anything which is new seems interesting, when exploited too much, leads to boredom.

When the Khans and Kapoors danced & giggled on small screen, suddenly the ambience in drawing rooms pepped up with visual gratification.

The problem is…they danced way too much and everywhere, relegating entertainment to mockery.

Nowadays, the promotional palette has identical colors, sketching the same frame…yeh dekhlo yeh woh…sab same to same.

Quantity has toppled quality, with factory like creativity minus the soul, going through the motions, one movie promotion at a time.

It’s business, yes, and beneficial for both, however, as a consumer, it’s getting irksome and idiotic.

Does it read like a sort of venting? So be it…opinions matter and as watchdogs of content, we voice what matters.

It’s great that there is synergy between the mediums, however, when a certain Tiger Shroff flips and somersaults in all reality shows, often appearing back to back on different channels, programming tastes pale.

We beseech, the idea is right, but what ails is sordid content integration. The immediate need is a strategy rejig, which would ensure apt marketing pitch seamlessly merged with entertaining programming.

Let’s do it…guys!!!

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