Screenwriter and Series Creator Vekeana Dhillon accepts the mandate

ASIAN ACADEMY CREATIVE AWARDS announces Ambassador for India

The Asian Academy Creative Awards announces the honorary appointment of its latest Country Ambassador.
Indo-Canadian screenwriter and series creator, Vekeana Dhillon, will serve as the Asian Academy Creative’s Ambassador for India. Vekeana Dhillon is an established personality and recognized voice in the Indian industry, building on her depth of experience by currently generating original IP content in feature films, series, podcasts and animation as Creator-in-Chief of The Foundry.

Ms. Dhillon continues to serve as a Member of Jury for the Asian Academy Creative Awards for both the National Indian and International Rounds. She conducted the National Winners Conference in Screenwriting last year which included awardees from India, New Zealand and Japan. Ms. Dhillon recently presented a much-heralded Screenwriting Masterclass at its Academy Campus.
Country Ambassadors focus on helping their nation to achieve success at international awards level and thus promote their own local creatives and content successes. India has been a strong performer at the Asian Academy Creative Awards and collected 7 golden statuettes last year, including the Best Original Screenplay, Best Actress and Supporting Actress statuettes.

“I’m so proud to represent India and further our success within the Asian Academy Creative Awards system.” Vekeana Dhillon said when confirming her appointment. “There’s never been a better and more inclusive environment globally to showcase Indian content and skill, I’m happy to use this recognition and responsibility to enable my enthusiasm for compelling, delightful, vivid and complex Indian stories and their relentless storymakers.”

Fiona McKay, CEO of Asian Academy Creative Awards, stated “We’re so pleased to have Vekeana joining as Ambassador to India. It is a privilege for AAA to bring onboard such revered professionals willing to give back to the industry. Undoubtedly, Vekeana will give us the invaluable insights as we continue to uplift Indian talent and their recognition, helping us shape India’s success at Asian Academy Creative Awards in the coming years.”

Vekeana says, “Actively encouraging and promoting appreciation of Indian talent in this way brings benefit to our wonderful Indian industry. It makes me keen, hopeful and motivated for the best of India’s representation on the global landscape. I’m happy to be one amongst a multitude of revered others in our industry that in their own way contribute to the massive grapple of holding up that spotlight and focusing that shine.”

Entries for The Asian Academy Creative Awards is closed and the National Winners Announcements are scheduled for September 30, 2022 followed by the International results at the Grand Awards and Gala Final staged over two evening at Singapore historic Chijmes Hall from December 7, 2022.

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