‘Bad Luck’ for Pranav Misshra; BIG Magic SHELVES Contiloe’s spin-off of Rudra Ke Rakshak

BIG Magic decides to stop work on an upcoming project, which had Pranav Misshra as lead.

‘Bad Luck’ for Pranav Misshra; BIG Magic SHELVES Contiloe’s spin-off of Rudra Ke Rakshak

BIG Magic’s new strategy of ending most of the ongoing shows, only to make way for a revamped strategy has certainly halted the progress of few relatively new comedy genre shows..

Well, it is not only the case with the comedy genre shows.

Inside sources reveal that renowned production house Contiloe was on the verge of coming up with a one-of-its-kind spin-off of the popular show on the channel, Rudra Ke Rakshak. But now the plans seem to be dampened owing to this new development in the channel.

Yes, you hear this first on IndianWikiMedia.com as we give you a clear picture!!

A credible source tells us, “Vishwa Ke Rakshak, the spin-off of Rudra Ke Rakshak was being planned by Contiloe. The casting was also locked and the team was about to shoot its promo when there was a sudden halt in the whole process.”

To tell you more, Pranav Misshra, the lead of Zee TV’s Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi was actually locked to play the avatar of Vishwa Ke Rakshak. The idea was that while Rudra Ke Rakshak would entice the kids, Vishwa Ke Rakshak would turn out to have a huge following from the adults. But the work on paper did not materialize eventually!!

The first reason for halt we hear, is that with ZEE Limited taking over BIG Magic, the channel apparently did not want to cast Pranav in the lead role owing to the legal case that the actor is entangled into, after he and his co-actor Jyoti Sharma lodged a complaint against the Producers of the show for harassing them mentally and psychologically, which told on their health eventually. This was later followed by a complaint lodged by the Producers against the actors, for charging them with wrong accusations.

With ZEE taking over BIG Magic, the channel initially did not want to take Pranav into consideration. This brought the first delay. Only few days back, BIG Magic took the major decision of shutting most of its ongoing shows (a report which IndianWikiMedia.com wrote about – Revamp mode: Big Magic ongoing shows to wind up its March).

The channel followed it up with a major decision of shelving the spin-off of Rudra Ke Rakshak!!

Yes, it’s true!! Work on the spin-off has come to screeching halt, and it is believed that the show had a lot of potential.

With all this information, we called up Pranav who said, “Yes, I was in talks for the BIG Magic show. But I believe that whatever happens, happens for the good.”

We reached out to Producer Abhimanyu Singh, Contiloe, but did not hear from him.

We buzzed the channel spokesperson at BIG Magic, but did not get revert till we filed the story.

Watch this space for more updates.


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