Paramavatar Shri Krishna: Gear up for eight avatars of Radha with Ashta-Lakshmi track

Eight avatars of Radha in Shri Krishna

Paramavatar Shri Krishna: Gear up for eight avatars of Radha with Ashta-Lakshmi track

On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, Peninsula Pictures’ Paramavatar Shri Krishna on &TV started with an all new brand series of Ashta-Lakshmi which is the eight celebrated avatars of Goddess Lakshmi killing eight asurs (demons). The track will showcase each Lakshmi avatar serving different and unique purpose of existence for the good to prevail.

As per the story track, Kanha (played by Nirnay Samadhiya) realizes his existence and purpose of birth. He goes to Rishi Sandipini who is a student of Purshuram. Rishi Sandipini tells Kanha that he will have to learn and master the art of ashtra-shashtra in the form of 16 kalao ka gyaan (16 forms of art and warfare) which is a combination of muscle power and intellect. These kaalas will help him defeat Kansa (played by Manish Wadhwa).

Kanha embarks on his journey, meanwhile Kansa comes to know about this training under the supervision of Rishi Sandipini. Kans creates eight asurs (demons) as a counter combat plan to defeat Kanha. The makers will show a parallel track of Radha where it will be learnt that while Kanha is undertaking the training, it will be Radha who will attain the 8 Lakshmi avatars to defeat Kans’ asurs. The eight different avatars of Radha will be Adi Lakshmi, Dhan Lakshmi, Greh Lakshmi, Indira Lakshmi, Santhan Lakshmi, Veera Lakshmi, Vijaya Lakshmi and Vindhya Lakshmi.

Talking about the creation of the eight avatars, the VFX Head of Peninsula Pictures, Ms Lipika Shetty says, “All the avatars will be executed in VFX, inorder to showcase their magnificence and essence, which otherwise would be lost.  This track is very important to us as we are showcasing the various avatars of  Lakshmi, each of who, has come with a distinctive purpose of existence, and is played by Radha. Our biggest challenge was to create these avatars on a 5 year old girl who plays an important character in the show. A lot of research went into the ideation and creation of these avatars , inorder to make it a visual delight for our audience. Since this was a graphics heavy sequence, we had to be very careful of how the scenes were shot and the expressions of the avatars, but our little Lakshmi pulled off each one brilliantly. We hope our Ashta-Lakshmi track is liked by the audience as we have tried to showcase the 8 avatars in the best way possible”.

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