Sylvia Chaddha talks about her role in Hum Paanch Phir Se..

Rakhee Tandon was phenomenal in the role of Sweety – Sylvia Chaddha

Sylvia Chaddha is enjoying all the limelight as ‘Sweety’ in BIG Magic’s popular series, Hum Paanch Phir Se (Esselvision). As we know, the character of Sweety was extremely popular in the first series of the show, courtesy the awesome performance given by noted actress Rakhee Tandon.

Sylvia who is now treading the path of popularity like Rakhee described her experience saying, “It is a fun filled and full of life role with various shades in it which makes it more interesting for me. Rakhee Tandon was phenomenal in the role of Sweety and with my character in the current series, we draw no comparisons as there are new variations to it.”

Sylvia is thankful to God for giving her curly hairs just like Rakhee. “Yes, my curly hair helped me a lot in me bagging this role. I am glad to receive appreciation for this role which is similar to my real life as well. Hope to give my best with each performance and entertain the viewers.”

Wish you luck, Sylvia!!

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