Vikas' ugly fight with Hina Khan will take a new turn in Bigg Boss 11

Vikas Gupta to have an emotional breakdown in Bigg Boss 11

Bigg Boss house is a tough place to survive in. After witnessing constant fights in Season 11, it seems the housemates are on fire.

Ever since it has beamed on Colors TV, audience has witnessed constant fights of fellow contestants with Producer Vikas Gupta.

Vikas and Shilpa Shinde share a rather ugly past and hence they never leave a chance to instigate each other.

In Tuesday’s episode, Shilpa again irritated Vikas, and in a fit of rage he threw an egg on the kitchen floor and refused to clean it up. Wastage of food didn’t go down well with Hina and other housemates due to which, the entire house turned against him. Vikas had an ugly fight with Hina Khan, who had been supporting him all this while.

In tonight’s episode, Hina would regret supporting Vikas all this while. After all these fights, Vikas will have a major emotional breakdown and feel left out in the house. Meanwhile, Shilpa will see herself on the winning side after she would receive an indirect support from the housemates.

How will Vikas fight the rest of his journey in the house? Will anyone come to his support?

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