Neha Sinha talks about her first title song for Star Pravah’s upcoming Marathi show Man Dhaga Dhaga Jodte Nava.

I am thankful to Nilesh Moharir and Star Pravah for giving me my first title song Man Dhaga Dhaga Jodte Nava: Neha Sinha

Talented to the hilt, affable and patient, Neha Sinha has made a mark in the music industry with her exceptional singing talent. Mellifluous as she is, Neha has performed in Marathi movies, television series, short films, and albums. Recently, she sang her first title song for Star Pravah’s upcoming Marathi show Man Dhaga Dhaga Jodte Nava. In an exclusive conversation with, Neha spoke about her experience, journey, aspirations, and more. Read on:

Tell us about your journey so far…

I started singing at the early age of four when I was in Nagpur. My mother inspired me to participate in competitions, giving me the confidence to perform on stage in early childhood. When we moved to Pune, I developed more interest in music and started learning classical music under the guidance of my guru, doctor Pournima Dhumale. While learning, I also performed in many stage shows and competitions. My music teacher Meghna Joshi ma’am, at NMV Girls High School, greatly guided me. And she encouraged me to perform in many inter-school competitions, where I won prizes. I have done overseas programs. I shared the stage with Ashok Patki ji in “Saptasur Maze”. In Auckland, New Zealand, I shared the stage with Amit Kumar ji. I have also worked for television programs like Surtaal and Nakshatranche Dene on Zee Marathi, Kya Masti Kya Dhum Winner on Star Plus, Maharashtra Sangeet Ratna on Sanhyadri. In my journey till date, I have got the opportunity to perform in the presence of well-known personalities like Sudhir Moghe Ji, Aanand Modak Ji, Shanta Shelke Ji, and Ashok Patki Ji.

How was your experience singing the title song?

I was super excited when I learned that the title song is for Star Pravah and was composed by Nilesh Moharir. I have been following Nilesh ji’s work as his compositions are unique and has his own style of composing songs. I always dreamt of getting an opportunity to work with him, which came true. I thank Nilesh ji and Star Pravah for giving me my first title song. The experience of recording the song under the guidance of Nilesh ji was amazing. He helped me to get the song perfect to his expectations. And the recording studio atmosphere was very cordial, and everyone was really supportive. I also met Rohini Ninawe ji at the studio, she is an amazing person and, as usual, has written soulful lyrics for the title song.

What is your aspiration in life related to music?

I have given my 100% in all the performances to date, and I will continue to do so in all future opportunities and recordings. I hope my first title will be appreciated and liked by all followers and fans of Star Pravah.

I am thankful to Nilesh Moharir and Star Pravah for giving me my first title song Man Dhaga Dhaga Jodte Nava: Neha Sinha 803889

What is your favourite genre in music?

I love listening to all kinds of music because every genre has its beauty, which helps me develop my skills further. However, ghazals and light soothing music are my favourites.

Anyone you idolise in your domain? 

I love listening to all artists. Lataji and Ashaji are all time favourites. I have performed many of their songs in my shows. However, for Ghazals, I follow Hariharan ji. For classical, Kaushiki ji and for light music and Bollywood songs, I love to hear Shreya ji’s voice.

How do you keep yourself updated as a performer?

Whenever I am free, I put on my headphones and listen to the latest music, which keeps me updated. Also, I have my own global online music Academy called Saptam Nishaad, which keeps me on my toes as I have to practice before I teach.

When not busy working, how do you unwind?

I love spending time with my family, and going on outings, dinners, and movies. Basically, I unwind myself by spending time with my loved ones.

Any final thoughts for your fans…

First, I wish to thank all my fans and supporters for listening to my songs. Their appreciation encourages me to perform better and better every time. Please keep supporting me and keep loving my songs.