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Nameeta Sharma who has creatively helmed and set up various shows on TV in conversation with IndianWikiMedia.com

We should show the real world, a progressive world that we wouldn’t mind our youth watching – Dr. Nameeta Sharma, Project Director

Dr. Nameeta Sharma who has had a flourishing 18 years journey in the entertainment industry has experienced being part of the channel as well as working with the production house. One of the first’s to bag the designation of Creative Director in the industry, the lady has creatively helmed many successful shows and has also set up many shows.

In an exclusive conversation with IndianWikiMedia.com, Dr. Nameeta talks about her journey, future of TV and much more.


Tell us about the various roles that you have taken up in the industry? 

The best part about my journey is that I’ve gotten a chance to try each and every corner of this media …For example, I started off my career after my PhD in Hindi Literature as an assistant writer, then moved on to acting, after which to production, marketing, then off to writing again, after which I worked as a Creative Director. I later provided channel creative supervison for fiction and non-fiction, got back to writing and now I provide my services to set up upcoming shows. It’s been a long run and I have enjoyed experiencing these various transitions and learning heaps from every single role. I have been on both sides of the coin; the production, as well as the channel, and experienced the process and thrill of starting up a show and watching it grow from a bud to a flower.

How similar or different is a Writer’s task and a Creative Director’s task?  

Both these tasks go hand-in-hand. A writer should have the imagination and the visualization powers of what will appeal to the audience and then write accordingly, which is similar to a Creative Director’s job wherein the person has to imagine how the scene should be set up in order to have the best effect on the audience, and bring the writer’s ideas to life.

You have been the first ever Creative Director on TV. You have recently achieved another such milestone. Tell us about that.

Not the first Creative Director, I must say, but one of the first ones. I remember I got the designation when there was no Creative Director profile as such, but it was an enriching experience as I am a very creative person. It was fun for me working on all the shows I have done as Creative Director.

Recently I have been working with Sethji on Zee TV as a Project Director, which too is a new title.

In what capacity are you working on Sethji?   

I have setup the show as Project Director for the initial episodes, as the production house was new to the industry.

What role does technology play for you in real life?   

I love Candy Crush. It is my daily ritual before I go to sleep, and my daughter always makes fun of me for it. Apart from that, I know nothing more than WhatsApp and GMail. Occasionally I’ll open up my social media sites. I think that tells you enough.

Can you think of a day without technology in real life?  

I am dependent on my phone and laptop. I love watching movies and watching TV even if it is just playing in the background while I’m working.

As a writer, what is the kind of genre that appeals to you?

I love suspense-thrillers. However, Saas-Bahu is my bread and butter, and right now, I’m working on a children’s animation show and I love it.

Do you think TV content of today is getting regressive?  

Regressive and repetitive …same thoughts and the same characters are getting repeated. I feel that in today’s modern shows we should be showing the real world, a progressive world, that we wouldn’t mind our youth watching. We should stop remaking the same old stories and come up with something fresh and new, something that is not generated to just appeal to the masses but something that sets them thinking and feeling inspired.

How do you refresh your thoughts and get motivated to write something new?           

I just go offline after doing my work and I write for myself in my own book, for my own film. That refreshes me since there is no boundary or restrictions to anything.

Which is your favorite spot to sit and write at peace?

In my house, on my balcony with a warm cup of tea and my TV playing in the background.

Have you ever gone through a writer’s block?   

Not as of yet, fortunately. I’m sure to take breaks between all my projects, so perhaps that is why I always return to jobs fresh and inspired, and full of ideas.

Do you have any thought of getting into production and working for yourself on your own concepts?

Not as of yet. I don’t know if I’m ready for it. I’m not very money-minded, and it is a lot of pressure because you want to create a good show but you have to follow certain restrictions. I have started setting up shows and learning budgeting so as to prime myself for if I ever want to venture into production.

What are you working on presently apart from Sethji?

I’m working with Evren media as a Content Head and I am also setting up two new shows for one upcoming channel, as well as working for two films.

How do you see the digital medium?     

It’s new and exciting, but I haven’t watched a lot of shows online. I would say they don’t have the same kind of reach as television.

Do you agree and like the bold content that are on display on the digital space?  

I’m glad that there are new things and ideas.

If given a chance, will you write for the digital space?

If it allows me creative freedom, then why not? What’s the harm?

Do you think TV will die down with the advent of web series?                      

Perhaps not till our generation is alive, so another 30-40 years.. Even then, it may not be TV as we know it, but I’m sure something or the other will take it’s place, with perhaps even more advertisements.. Capitalism at it’s best.

What are your goals for the future? 

Writing a movie based on emotions is on the menu, but apart from that, I want to work as much as possible, because as tough as it might be, I do love being in this industry.


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