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From Hatred To Romance: Take A Look At Abir And Mishti’s Journey From Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

Abir and Mishti from Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke have been one of the most consistent and loved couples not only on Star Plus but in the mind of every Indian fan. Even after completing one year, the series is gaining more fandom day by day. With the two lead couples, it gets easy to take the story to the next level. Seeing Shaheer Sheikh and Rhea Sharma as Abir and Mishti, both of them gives us the perfect soulmates’ goals.

The journey of Abir and Mishti has been rough. Starting with being strangers and ending on romancing each other, kudos to the writer, and of course, the actors. Let’s start the journey of Abir and Mishti as they are about to take you to love the ride, put your seatbelts on.

Abir and Mishti first had their connection since they first met – they were sitting facing opposite on the roof of the bus. Abir being a photographer had a DSLR and Mishti was lost in her thoughts. The first meet, then talking even after being strangers and guiding and helping Mishti out, Abir had been a great friend.

Then comes the twist of connection equally on both sides, having the best conversation with each other, but Kunal is the villain in their life as he warns Mishti to stay away from Abir and he agrees to do so. Then they have their final goodbye. But the awkward fear in the minds of Abir and Mishti, then the romance in the jungle, Mishti brings Abir back from death, then Abir realizes his love for Mishti. A cup of coffee and love being a good relation and Abir and Mishti and the airport halt, thus taking it all to a fresh start.

Abir and Mishti start new with a date, then the moment Abir discovers his love for his Cinderella, Mishti, the Mumbai resort escape, Mishti’s gift to Abir and the wedding sequence, all these made them the favorite couple.

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