‘From Darkness’ set to air on the BBC First block on 23rd August at 10 PM only on Zee Café

Gripping new thriller ‘From Darkness’ set to air on Zee Café Picture shows: Norrie Duncan (RICHARD RANKIN), Claire Church (ANNE-MARIE DUFF) and John Hind (JOHNNY HARRIS)

If you are an ardent follower of psychological crime dramas then here’s a chance to add one more to your must-watch list. Zee Café brings British crime thriller ‘From Darkness’ that will premiere on 23rd August at 10 PM. Directed by Dominic Leclerc, the show stars the BAFTA winning actress Anne Marie Duff as Claire Church along with Johnny Harris, Richard Rankin, Caroline Lee Johnson and Luke Newberry. The story revolves around former constable, Claire Church who is running away from her gruesome past and is slowly drawn back to confront her demons.

In this psychological crime drama, a former detective is drawn back into a case she investigated 15 years ago. In the late 90s, Claire Church was an ambitious young detective in Manchester. Finding herself ignored in the office and second place in her relationship with her married boss, she quit the job. She now lives on a remote Scottish island with her family, but when bodies are unearthed on a building site back in Manchester, Claire battles with whether or not to return. She’s compelled to find justice for the victims she failed, but knows that going back will come at a price. Heading up the investigation is DCI John Hind, Claire’s former lover. He’s determined to rekindle their relationship, convinced she’s still drawn to him too. As fresh bodies turn up and the killer leaves macabre messages directed at Claire, the emotional barriers she’s built to protect herself begin to crumble. Can she learn to forgive herself, and finally solve the crime that defeated her?

Will there be light at the end of the tunnel for Claire? Stay tuned for ‘From Darkness’ which premieres on the BBC First block on 23rd August at 10 PM exclusively on Zee Café

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