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Actors Sheen Dass and Parull Choudhary seen at loggerheads with each other in Piyaa Albela tie Rakhi to each other

On-Screen Enemies turn Raakhi Sisters

Zee TV’s Piyaa Albela actor Parull Choudhary, who plays the role of Neelima, the vile and vicious vamp, is often seen scheming and plotting against the demure leading lady, Pooja (Played by Sheen Dass). But the two actors who are enemies on screen are best friends off it. It’s been only 6 months since Sheen Dass and Parull Choudhary first met on the sets of the show and they have become thick buddies since then.

Their latest gesture will not only inspire you but will also give you a reason to adore them more. On Rakshabandhan festival, the duo set another trend by tying Rakhis to each other as they don’t have brothers in real life.

Speaking on celebrating Rakshabandhan with Parul, Sheen says, “Tradition usually entails tying rakhi to a brother but both of us don’t have a brother, so we have decided to be siblings, who go beyond blood ties. Besides, my sister is not in town, but my soul sister Parull is and we spend so much time together. We decided to celebrate the festival on the sets. Also, why should rakhi be tied only to boys? Girls can protect each other too. Whenever we are not shooting, Parul and I meet at each other’s place and catch up over good food and long conversations. We plan to continue the raakhi tradition every year.”

Speaking about their friendship, Sheen adds, “It was Parull who broke the ice when we first met during the look test of ‘Piyaa Albela’. We have known each other for six months now and shared a room in the beginning too. At first, I mistook Parull to be strict and no-nonsense, but we gelled with time. Parull finds me nice and positive. There is no question of a catfight between us as Parull has been like an elder sister to me and she has groomed me. She has been a major influence in the way I dress and interact with people. We also think alike. What more can I ask from a sister?”

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