The leading Jodi of a particular show is what makes the show, their bonding and chemistry is the reason the show rules the heart of many. Let us see who between Guddan & Akshat and Malhar & Kalyani has got the best chemistry.

Guddan-Akshat vs Malhar-Kalyani: Who's got the best on-screen chemistry?

Guddan- Akshat is the lead Jodi of the show ‘Guddan Tumse Nai Ho Payega’. Their Jodi is full of romance and love. In the starting, it was that Akshat did not love Guddan but now there is a twist that Akshat is in madly love with Guddan and he can do anything for Guddan. Guddan is also very protective of Akshat.

Nishant Malkani and Kanika Mann portray Akshat and Guddan very well, and the chemistry between them doesn’t seem reel at all. Their on-screen chemistry is super sizzling. Not every couple onscreen can portray such a love-hate relationship with ease, but Guddan and Akshat manage to do it almost effortlessly.The Chemistry and bonding of Guddan and Akshat are so amazing that due to them the show is increasing its TRP day by day.

Guddan-Akshat vs Malhar-Kalyani: Who's got the best on-screen chemistry?

On the other hand, we have Kalyani Malhar they are the lead Jodi of the show ‘Tujshe Hai Raabta’. The Jodi of Kalyani and Malhar made the show more popular and favourite among the audience. It gained a huge success among the viewers due to the romantic track between the lead pair of the show Kalyani Malhar.

Their love has been tested time and again but they have always come out stronger and more in love than they were before.The chemistry that is showcased between both of them has grabbed the audience. This reel life couple is known as ‘Kalma’ by their fans. Right from loving each other and always being their partner’s support system to simply being there for them in testing times, this couple has done it all on-screen.

Guddan-Akshat vs Malhar-Kalyani: Who's got the best on-screen chemistry?

Both the couples are ruling the screens in their own ways. Both the Jodi Kalyani Malhar and Guddan Akshat both are doing the best on their behalf and portraying as best as they can. But by looking at the love of the fans and their popularity with their romance and chemistry Guddan Akshat is found to be the best Jodi on television with super sizzling chemistry on screen.

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