Karanvir Sharma plays a prank on his cast and crew

Karanvir Sharma turns prankster on the set of Mangalam Dangalam

Karanvir Sharma is a big-time prankster.

And he demonstrated his skills on the sets of the newly launched SAB TV show Mangalam Dangalam.

Initially, he wore a burka and was hiding his face with the same. Then he went on to the cast as well as to the crew members and was asking them about an address which does not exist. Everyone on the set kept wondering who the lady was and where does the place exist where she wants to head to.

However, after much confusion, the boy finally revealed it was him and he was playing a prank on everyone.

On the other hand, he also asked his co-star Manisha Rawat a riddle question and confused her. Later, the entire crew burst out laughing is what we hear.

We buzzed the actor but could not reach out to him.

To Karanvir, keep on irritating people and be the best!

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