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Rate and tell us who do you think is the best jodi - Abir MIshti or Kartik Naira

Kartik-Naira vs Abir-Mishti: We rate the best TV jodi

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the show which is running for 10 years, has a loyal fanbase. One of the reasons is that the chemistry between Kartik and Naira has hooked us to the core. The actors act so naturally and they very well know how to balance their emotions. The writers are also amazing and extraordinary, the way they twist the story and focus on the minute details, is fabulous.

It teaches us how to handle our relationship with everyone in the family. KAIRA (Shipping name) separating and then reuniting again shows how strong their relationship is. It is their bond of love which keeps them together, no matter the inconvenient circumstances.

When it comes to Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, well, if you want to watch something unique, then give this awesome show a try. Firstly, the concept of this show is very important, we always wondered why no one ever cared to bring it on TV. There is no unnecessary dragging or high voltage drama, just a smooth portrayal of a realistic story. And the actors are doing an amazing job, you can relate to the characters and connect with them easily.

When it comes to the on-screen chemistry, this serial has an alluring cast that does its role best. The protagonists convey their ideas genuinely. Mishti, a girl who is bold and capable of decision making, and Abir, who stands with truth without any bias. Their Jodi has been a hit and the couple is loved by the nation.

Tell us who do you think is the best jodi.

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