Piyush confesses that he likes Ahana in MTV Splistvilla X2

MTV Splistvilla X2: ‘I like Ahana’, confesses Piyush during dome session

MTV Splistvilla X2 contestants were in a major shock as Arshiya Arshi re-entered the show last week.

Post, Arshiya’s entry, Piyush’s changed equation with Ahana. This saw a number of emotional breakdowns and complications between the contestants.

During the dome session, Ahana will reveal her feelings towards Piyush. However, Arshiya will call it as a joke. She will also go ahead and tell that Piyush fooled her.

On the other hand, Piyush will scream and confess that he likes Ahana. Soon, the contestants will burst out laughing.

Who will get evicted this week?

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