Yuvraj choreographed a stunning sangeet ceremony for Bin Kuch Kahe

Producer Ram Kamal launches actor Yuvraj Parashar as choreographer in small screen

The grand sangeet ceremony of Kabir aka Sameer Arora and Myra aka Shamata Anchan from Bin Kuch Kahe was choreographed by film actor Yuvraj Parashar, who is popularly known for his LGBT films and web series with actor director Kapil Kaustabh Sharma. Incidentally, producer Ram Kamal Mukherjee wanted someone from Bollywood to choreograph the grand sangeet ceremony of the lead pair, and barely had time to fly down to Mumbai. He made an SOS call to his friend Yuvraj, who was about to leave for Poland for his solo Kathak performance. He requested Yuvraj to choreograph the entire sangeet sequence with almost 15 primary cast, which was a medley of five popular sound tracks from Bollywood chartbusters.

Incidentally, Yuvraj flew straight from his hometown Agra to Jaipur, and his assistant came from Mumbai. They both started rehearsing the actors after their shoot hours and the next day he had to shoot all the songs.

“I did this only because of Ram Kamal. He stood by me when I needed him the most, I can never say no to someone like him,” says Yuvraj who made his debut as a choreographer in the show.

Lead actor Sameer Arora says, “It was a bit strenuous for me and Shamata to rehearse 5 in the morning and again at night after pack up, but Yuvraj would make us feel so comfortable. We had a lift, which initially Shamata had some issue because of the costume. But later we did our steps and Yuvraj was happy.”

Producer Rajshree Ojha says, “Yuvraj came like a saviour. I am thankful to Ram Kamal for helping us out. Without Yuvraj I don’t think that we would have been able to achieve what we did. He was full of energy and worked nonstop.”

Yuvraj had to choreograph dance steps on Bharat Sharma and Rashmi Somvanshi, Bharat Pahuja, Sanjay Gurbaxni, Suzzane Bernert, Archana Mittal, Vandana Chopra, Smita, Nikhil Sabrawal, Teena, Shyam Gopal and the lead couple. It was a multi camera set up, with lavish interior conceptualized by Rajshree.

“I am thankful to cinematographer Shanu Singh Rajput and director Mitesh ji for technically helping me in finishing the entire sangeet episode in one day,” says Yuvraj.

Next day morning he had to leave for Delhi and catch a connecting flight for Poland.

“Yuvraj worked till 4 am that day, he came back to the guest house and I thought that he will crash,” says Ram Kamal. “But I was surprised to see him listening to music and planning his Kathak steps for his live show. I have not seen such dedication in any actors. He is blessed with grace and one of the very few actors, barring Kamal Hassan who can perform Indian classical and Western with same ease,” adds Ram Kamal.

When Yuvraj finished the shoot, everyone clapped for him and his assistant. They hugged him too. “I actually envied Ram Kamal for a while. I have seen how much respect he got from his entire crew and cast. He stood by me till 4 am, which no producer would. He kept cheering the entire cast. I am so happy to see him growing as a person,” confesses Yuvraj.

Incidentally, he left Agra and came to Mumbai because he wanted to become a dancer. It was destiny that he became a film actor and producer.

“I have seen Rajshree mam’s film Aisha. She was so sweet and humble. I came to know that she had lost her dad just a week before we did the sangeet sequence. But she was full of life, didn’t let anyone feel her sorrow. That’s a sign of great filmmaker and producer. I would love to work with her again, hopefully next time as an actor,” says Yuvraj.

Bin Kuch Kahe ended last week, and the show has been replaced by Bhootu.

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