Find out why Arnab Goswami quit Times Now

The real reason why Arnab Goswami quit Times Now

Arnab Goswami is a well-known face. The renowned journalist and broadcaster Arnab Goswami was earlier working with Times Now. He revealed the reason behind his abrupt decision to quit Times Now and form a venture of his own.

In an interview to News24, former Editor-in-Chief at Times Now, Goswami said he wanted to establish an unbiased media publication that could raise tough questions which others usually steer clear of.

Goswami said, “I have declared my independence from the fake media, compromised media.” He added, in a visibly hurt tone, “Two days before I left Times Now, I was told you can’t do the program. 18th November was my last day, I was not allowed to enter my own studio. The studio I built. I was stopped.”

Arnab anchored Newshour at 9 pm that witnessed high-charged debates on various issues. In November, he announced his new venture ‘Republic’.

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