If Maclaren's Pub was a reality, who would miss the chance to hang out?

Reasons We Wish To Hangout At Maclaren’s Pub With Our Friends

Every series has a fantasy world of its own. And so did Maclaren’s Pub from How I Met Your Mother. It was a spot where most of the show took place, so if you are a huge fan of HIMYM, you would have a strong connection with the pub.

Reasons We Wish To Hangout At Maclaren's Pub With Our Friends 1

The Maclaren’s was a major place of hangouts and meeting, and greeting as the crew’s whole activity took place. A place where many memories were made. If you have seen the drama, you will understand how significant the pub was. Barney enforced his strict bro-code, as well as Ted, developed his crazy dating antics.

As the apartment of the characters was right above the bar, the place was the most convenient and easy to get there. So if any sudden plans were made, a great and quick place to hangout, the spot became an iconic leisure spot for the whole crew. Wouldn’t have you enjoyed the same, just going downstairs for a quick drink?

Reasons We Wish To Hangout At Maclaren's Pub With Our Friends 2

Maclaren is the ideal place we all dream of. A place for perfect quick hangout with friends.

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