Italy based singer Antonio Rinaidi is now gearing up to sing Indian songs.

Young Plug to sing Indian songs

Italy based Stylist turned singer, Antonio Rinaidi, popular as ‘Young Plug’ to sing Indian songs.

“I have always tried to spread my talent overseas, be it from styling to singing lyrics. Now I’m ready to explore singing Hindi songs for India. I have seen the love Indians have for music. I feel myself confident and fit to impress them,” he added in his statement.

Talking ahead he also shared, “Earlier I had styled Italian celebrities like Sfera Ebbasta, Tony Effe, Ghali among others. I’m really keen to experiment my style on Indian celebs like Honey Singh and Badshah.”

He further added, “I have the dream to give a single to every country in the world. I have a single called ‘Lonely Nights’ releasing on 21st of the month. The cool thing about me I feel is that I’m only 16 years old and I’m enjoying my work as I’m the most youngest stylist  here in Italy.”

Way to go!!

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