The current track revolves around Anupama, Anuj, and Maya. Maya’s entry has created a stir in the lives of the family members. The audience has been witnessing high-voltage drama in the StarPlus show Anupama. In the recently aired promo, it can be seen that Anuj and Anupama are at loggerheads due to the separation from Choti Anu, both of them are devastated and shattered by the unexpected turn that has come in their life. Anuj has an emotional breakdown after bidding farewell to Choti Anu and urges Anupama to leave him alone and give him some space in order to come to terms. On the other hand, Anupama is also torn apart by the storm that has hit her. Anupama, however, is more broken by Choti anu’s mature decision to leave Anupama and reside with Maya, this in-turn is a major blow to Anupama and Anuj.
Maya has been successful in taking away Choti Anu from Anuj and Anupama.

Gaurav Khanna who essays the character of Anuj in Star Plus show Anupama, opined about the twist in Anuj’s life, “This is going to be a major twist that is going to create a wreck in the lives of Anupama and Anuj. Maya has succeeded in her plans and taken Choti Anu from Anuj and Anupama leaving them devastated. Anuj is heartbroken by the separation from Choti Anu and is going through an emotional breakdown. This is when cracks start appearing in Anupama and Anuj’s relationship after which The audience will witness the separation of Anuj and Anupama. It will be intriguing to watch how Anuj and Anupamaa deal with this emotional rollercoaster”

Anupama is an Indian Hindi-language television drama series on StarPlus. Produced by Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi under the banner of Director’s Kut Productions, The show telecasts on StarPlus at 10 PM.