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Shayra and Noor turn Deewani Mastani in Bahu Begum

Bahu Begum: Shayra and Noor turn Deewani Mastani

Colors TV’s Bahu Begum, produced by LSD Films, beautifully depicts the royal Islamic vignette, culture, and meaningful symbolic rituals surrounding marriage, and has been highly appreciated by the viewers for its plot and stellar performances by the actors.

Now, in the coming episode, Nani will create troubles between Shayra and Noor. She will send an inappropriate dress to Noor, mentioning Shayra’s name as the sender. Noor will wear the dress and come to the party organized by Nani. Later, everyone will laugh at Noor and Shayra will witness the same and come dressed exactly like Noor. The two will dance on the Deewani Mastani song.

Are you excited to watch the drama?

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