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Revealed: Aniket’s kidnapper in &TV’s Queens Hain Hum

&TV’s bold drama Queens Hain Hum (Silver Ivory Productions) is witnessing multitude ups and downs. Loyal viewers have already seen Aakansha’s (Patrali Chattopadhyay) son Aniket getting kidnapped

Now, the queens will start their investigation to find the real culprit.

Earlier in the series, social worker Aakansha along with her NGO got a minister arrested for his evil deeds. The queens will think that the minister has arrested Aniket. However, we tell you who the real culprit is….

The kidnapper will be Aniket’s father Chaitanya (Winy Tripathi).


Wondering why Chaitanya kidnapped his son?

Well, Chaitanya and Aakansha are facing trouble in their marriage and hence they decided to part ways. The court has given Aniket’s custody to

Aakansha, irking him. Hence, he kidnapped Aniket to prove that Aakansha is an irresponsible mother in the court.

Will the queens learn about Chaitanya being the kidnapper? What will be Chaitanya’s next move?

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