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Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah spoiler alert: COVID-19 scare in Gokuldhaam Society

The upcoming episode of Neela Film Productions Private Limited’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah (TMKOC) will see a little bit of panic set off in Gokuldhaam Society. Abdul is suspected to have the Coronavirus and before any symptoms could show, he has gone about his routine. Like on any regular delivery day, Abdul does the rounds of almost all of Gokuldhaam Society’s houses. He delivers to each of the households the list of groceries and other essentials that has been ordered by each. But little does he or anyone else know at the time that he is a potential carrier of COVID-19 and by the time they do, it may have become a little late.

Tapu sena goes over to Abdul’s shop to buy something but on reaching the shop, they find Abdul in a sick state. Abdul is coughing profusely and is also showing symptoms of cold. On seeing his condition, Sonu enquires about his health. Not wanting to get the children worried, Abdul asks them to not worry and explains that he’s sneezing and coughing because of the dusting he did at the shop. But Tapu sena knows that his symptoms look far worse than just an allergic reaction. Goli and Tapu immediately rush to Dr. Haathi’s house and ask for him to go check on Abdul.

Dr. Haathi, after learning about Abdul’s symptoms from Tapu and Goli, suits up in the PPE kit and rushes to see Abdul at the shop. He does a quick check on all the vitals and diagnoses the condition to be very similar to a COVID-19 infected patient. Tapu sena on Dr. Haathi’s advice escorts Abdul to the clubhouse. He instructs Tapu to shut Abdul’s shop and suggests Bhide to lock Gokuldhaam Society’s gate.

Everyone is concerned for Abdul but now, they all are also concerned about each other. Dr. Haathi advises everyone to go to their homes and wait for further instructions. As per protocol, he calls up the BMC’s health officials and informs them about a potential COVID-19 patient. Meanwhile, Bhide calls for an urgent meeting on the loudspeaker and asks everyone to step out into their respective balconies and instructs everyone about how to scientifically handle the situation from here.

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